It is essential for any brand to be presented consistently across all collateral and platforms, but for a hotel or

Top 50 Small Business Awards

28th October has been one of the better days of 2020 for me and my business. As a small business

“Staycation” – A trend or is it here to stay?

The travel mantra for 2020 can categorically be classified as “Staycation”. Staycations are probably the most popular tourism trend currently,

Hotel Road to Recovery

2020… it really is a long and uncertain year, right?! Well it may feel like there is no end in


Content Marketing effectively means publishing and distributing content to a targeted audience, online. You essentially need to attract your target

Relationships And Partnerships Are The Key To Success.

Fraser Marketing International knows the hospitality industry well, we understand the nitty-gritty at every level and offer end to end

The Power of Email Marketing for Hoteliers

The Hospitality industry is one of the most competitive, and direct marketing is one of the better marketing solutions with

Marketing and Growth in Hospitality

Is your business in a stage of transition for growth? What role does your brand play in this?

I was chatting to someone the other day, who was in a quandary and working all the hours under the

Driving Books for your Property

Driving Direct Bookings For Your Property

Let’s begin with your most important audience – your guests. Did you know that travellers visit 42 sites on average

Hotel Marketing Experts

Hotel Marketing In A Time Of Tourism Crisis

The show must go on… Yes, we find ourselves in a global crisis, but at the same time people still