Hospitality business strategy review & consulting

Success can’t just rely on a fabulous brand and great marketing if the team, the operation and/or revenue strategy are not integrated and are not performing optimally. We can work with you to review your business strategy, operating model, revenue strategy and marketing, holistically to formulate a plan of growth and success.

  • Marketing analysis
  • Marketing budget planning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Operations consulting
  • Hotel revenue management
  • Internal Comms and Team Engagement
  • Team Brand Training and Deliverables

Branding for tourism & destination marketing

A fully integrated Brand service is provided, from helping develop your overall concept and business plan to designing imagery, messaging, and even interiors, we are expert leaders in hospitality branding. At Fraser Marketing International we work to create branding and marketing solutions that strike a harmonious balance between business objectives and the needs of the guests. We believe branding begins within, you must take your team on the brand journey from the very beginning, we will work with your team to unwrap the formula that will drive guest conversion and brand affinity.

Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Story and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming Development and availability search
  • Brand ID Development
  • Brand Hallmarks and Signatures
  • Corporate Identity
  • Culture and Concept
  • Visual and Language Style
  • Brand and Tactical Campaigns
  • Consumer Profile and Journey
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Campaign Creation & Management
  • Brand Launch Event Planning – Internal and External
  • Strategic Partnership Development And Engagement

Dedicated hotel development & investor marketing

When working with Developers, Asset Managers and Owners it is important to develop those investor relations and for a Hotel operator to think as an owner – defining the key benefits and optimal returns. We can work with you to understand the geo-market of the potential site, express how your brand will deliver on the expectations of the overall project, and more importantly how well you tell this story will result in winning the deal or not.

We work with you on:

  • Hotel developer and investor branding
  • Hotel development, investor brand messaging and content
  • Defining and articulating the key hotel development messaging
  • Work to position your brand as the preferred ‘development solution’ partner
  • Focus on asset value, design and technical elements.
  • Creating dedicated hotel development assets – websites, brochures and presentation tools.

Create a brand presentation dedicated to each individual development opportunity.

Selling Your Asset:

When selling your hotel, it is important to maximize hotel sales and build a beautiful brand presence. These steps will result in a more positive outcome, we will work with you on:

  • Full brand development
  • Full eCommerce implementation
  • Website design and implementation
  • Public relations
  • Revenue management restructuring
  • Operations restructuring

Brand services & supplier management

  • Graphic design
  • Packaging design
  • Uniform briefing and sourcing
  • Amenties briefing and sourcing
  • Promotional items briefing and sourcing
  • Motion graphic and photography
  • Print and production management
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Integrated In-market brand launch and roll out
  • Campaign creation and management

Digital marketing

Building a connected digital footprint is key to engage with your target audience. This ecosystem will be your voice online and provide channels to build leads nd start conversations.

  • Strategy and counsel in line with brand discovery
  • Digital content creation
  • Website design and management
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Paid Facebook and Instagram adverts
  • Google Adwords for travel and hotels

Brand strategy and marketing workshops

Whether it is a new brand creation, a business going through expansion and adding brands or simply rebranding – In order to promote team involvement in a new corporate identity and brand story, FMI will conduct a series of workshops with client’s management team, key stakeholders and advocates, ranging from the promotion of the new corporate identity through to guest services.

Hire us to present and facilitate workshops for your business:

  • Brand Management Strategy Workshops
  • Team Workshop on Understanding the Value of Hotel Brand Marketing
  • Create and Tell a Brand Story
  • Let’s Review Your Hotel Digital Marketing Activities
  • Write Your Hotel Marketing Plan

Tell us what your business needs and we can workshop it with you

Market Research

We partner with the best in the field, to provide you with invaluable insights to drive informed decision-making. Whether you’re launching a new Brand or refining your marketing strategies, our market research services deliver the knowledge and clarity you need to stay one step ahead.

Our commitment to excellence and our collaborative approach ensure that we work with you, tailoring our research to meet your specific objectives.


Our Founder, Emma Fraser, works closely with businesses, not-for-profit programs and organisations as a Hospitality and Marketing Mentor.

She has worked with Inspiring RareBirds, for over 7 years, as well as Women In Hospitality (WOHO), SEFA Group and others. Emma has shaped the future for these businesses, by helping them with a RoadMap and Marketing plans, channel management to drive revenue, digital marketing and PR plans, drive brand and product awareness and help them to scale.

Taking your brand management and marketing to the next level, we are an end to end, integrated Brand and Marketing Agency

We have worked in Industry operations, so we understand operational performance and the implications of a trading cash flow on underlying asset security. This knowledge allows us to analyse and advise on the present and future prospects of your hospitality or tourism marketing plan, to achieve market-leading returns on investments.

FMI can advise on designing and/or advising on new hotel brands, launch a brand into a new market, drive destination brand tourism and more. With any project, we conduct stakeholder management through to managing internal comms, create robust marketing plans with brand level change management that could impact operational delivery, assess and comprehending the best brand management and marketing solutions to suit the administration, sales, marketing and revenue support models across the business, in line with budgeting and reporting for marketing deliverables.