Mark Ronfeldt, CEO

Daiwa Living Australia Pty Ltd

Emma Fraser is a true hospitality expert with a commercial mind, outstanding brand and customer insight along with brand marketing expertise. The successful launch of our new global brand, Nesuto, was thanks to Emma’s understanding of hotel operations combined with the knowledge of how to create and deliver on a strong brand.

More importantly, we were able to create a brand that can deliver true to its promise and to be able to tell the brand story successfully both internally and externally, across all channels and guest experiences, thanks to Emma’s articulation of how to achieve this.

We chose Fraser Marketing International (FMI) to be the Brand Agency for this milestone in our business, because of Emma’s international hotel experience, industry and operational understanding as well as her reputation on successfully creating and launching global hotel brands.

Daiwa Living Nesuto Holdings wanted to create an entirely new brand that supports its aggressive push on growth, to more than triple the brand’s Australia and New Zealand footprint of 1,500 rooms to 5,000 rooms by 2024. FMI were the perfect fit, given the hands on experience in creating dedicated brand assets and messaging, in its entirety, to a Hotel Owner and Investor audience.

I would use FMI for any hotel brand launch again, in a heartbeat. She is professional, driven, engaged, integrates well into any business and team, Emma delivers over and above for her clients.

Maria Taylor

Head of Commercial, Asia Pacific, TravelClick

What a wonderful experience it was to work with someone who really understands the hotel world, has extensive international experience, and combines this with real marketing intelligence. My team worked closely with Emma when she was brand lead for the Nesuto launch. Emma clearly demonstrates her insights and expertise in brand marketing, and how best to articulate that brand story across UX and through the brand’s digital assets.

Travel Click, being one of the client’s key partners, really benefited from Emma’s project management skill set and her ability to integrate teams effortlessly. It was evident that Emma immerses herself into the client’s business, to really understand the gaps and needs and works hard to deliver on the set objectives. I would highly recommend Fraser Marketing International to any client who is looking for a passionate, professional and engaged Marketing lead for key projects or as the Brand expert for hotel brand refreshes or new developments.

Lynn Poh

Loyalty, Brand Marketing & PR

Results driven and motivation comes to mind when I think about Emma Fraser. I had the pleasure of working with Emma during the Carlson Rezidor days in the Asia Pacific office. Emma built a positive and ‘can do’ culture within the team. She is diplomatic, creative, responsible and extremely supportive in new initiatives that we all worked together in achieving our goals. I am very glad to have the chance to work with Emma.

Jana Doebbert

Manager, Digital Media Team at TravelClick

I’ve been working with Emma on the Nesuto brand launch. She has done a tremendous job in shaping the brand, creating all assets and pulling together a comprehensive launch strategy strategy everything from stationary to building signage, launch event to marketing & PR activation.

In true partnership between TravelClick and Fraser Marketing International, Emma has been driving the development of video and digital assets of the Nesuto brand which will support the holistic marketing strategy for the Nesuto group moving forward. Emma’s expertise in the hotel industry has enabled us to create a unified experience across the website, social media, SEO and paid advertising for the Nesuto guest.

Emma is great at integrating teams and partners, and her work with our company demonstrates the ability to work with multiple stakeholders, on different timezones and with various objectives. Above all, she is a pleasure to work with!

Lisa Brightwell

Managing Director at Bright Insights Consulting

Emma is one of the most accomplished Brand experts that I know. Within the hospitality arena you wont be able to find anyone else with her expertise and drive to achieve the highest standards. Emma's dedication, hard work, focus and ability to obtain buy in at the highest levels makes Emma a force to be reckoned with.

Philip Engelberts

Managing Director, PEPR Agency

As the appointed PR agency for Nesuto, it has been a real pleasure to work with Emma so closely on the brand launch of Nesuto. She is a visionary and driven Brand and Hotel Marketing specialist.

To Emma, strategy integration between client and partners is paramount. It is terrific to work with someone who is so knowledgeable across both hotel operations and brand marketing and who works to maximise the communication piece in the marketing mix.

The strategies we implemented really benefited from Emma’s comprehension and ability to articulate messaging and positioning at an owner and development level. She understands these niche audiences and knows how to best articulate brand assets in order to ensure they deliver ROI for hotel developers and investors.

Jonathan Ellis

Astus APAC Investment Director

Have had the pleasure of working with Emma in the past. Highly personable, totally reliable and someone I would welcome working with again in the future.

Claire Bingham

Freelance Social Media Consultancy

Emma is both strategic and hands on, managing several agency relationships and delivering on multiple projects from group brand architecture to digital photographic brand guidelines at any one time. She is a great team leader, motivating her internal teams and ensuring she gets the absolute best results from her creative agencies. She is great to work with, both fun and fair – definitely our fave client!

Michael Duncan

Director, Meta Creative

Emma from FMI is a brand specialist but also a real brand advocate at heart, she fully immerses herself into the brand and works hard to understand the culture of the company, as well as the gaps in their brand and marketing strategy.

Having worked with FMI on The Sanchaya, Emma’s knowledge of the hotel industry is second to none and more importantly her understanding of brand marketing and the impact of effectively delivering that across UX and digital assets is superb. She can really transfer her hotel experience and skill set into successful digital marketing deliverables.