Fraser Marketing International knows the hospitality industry well, we understand the nitty-gritty at every level and offer end to end solutions and our team provides comprehensive hospitality and tourism marketing advice throughout the entire process. However, we couldn’t do this without understanding the value of a relationship. 

Partnership Marketing, as part of a hotel marketing strategy, is a great way to collaborate and achieve individual objectives, hotels can benefit from new customers, increase revenue, add value to a guest stay, and reach new target market segments. 

Here are some suggestions to getting a successful partnership started: 

  • Ensure you have a clear goal in mind and be very clear in what you see this partnership achieving, it is important to get financial details set out early on. 
  • Ideally you should have a strategy in place that nicely aligns the opportunity to build relationships with your audience and to drive your brand and property awareness. 
  • Mutual values – find a partner who shares your brand and business values. 
  • Be respectful and honest – don’t make promises you can’t deliver on 
  • Offer unique services to ensure your existing and potential new guests feel like they are receiving an exclusive deal or service.  

The reason for success is that Partnership Marketing can be low cost and an effective way to align a hotel brand with other businesses. This can be beauty and wellness brands, fitness brands, tour and travel companies, tourism boards, credit card companies, airlines, social networking sites and local retailer/entertainment venues, to name a few. The key objective is to add value to a guest experience through offering these partner benefits.