The Hospitality industry is one of the most competitive, and direct marketing is one of the better marketing solutions with an elevated ROI opportunity. 

Check out this checklist of what you should consider when planning your e-marketing: 

  • Make sure you have a good list and that your recipients have all subscribed. 
  • Plan content ahead – include images and stay on your brand message. 
  • It isn’t always just about the sale, tell them a story and give them some great content – highlight what you have at your hotel or what is around the neighbourhood or happening in town so people can book rooms for an event. 
  • Personalisation is essential – segment your lists; a leisure traveller will want to know what is going on in the area, a business traveller will want to know about business amenities, frequent traveller points or perhaps the top 3 restaurants nearby to host client dinners. 
  • Track your results – what was the goal? Sell more rooms, get more engagement or for new people to visit your site? 

Some key metrics to follow include – 

The Open Rate – How many subscribers opened the email? 

Click Through Rate – How many people clicked on the links? 

Bounce Rate – how many of the email addresses on your list didn’t receive your email? 

Unsubscribes – How many people unsubscribed once they opened your email? 

Conversion Rate – How many people opened the email, clicked on a link and followed a specific action 

Spam Report – how many times was your email marked as “spam” by the recipient? 

Revenue – How many bookings did you get? 

Share Rate – what % of recipients shared your email?  

Period of Engagement – performance of your email over a specified period of time

Return on Investment (ROI) – what is the overall return from the investment of your campaign – this can be calculated by total revenue divided by total spend. 

  • The right copy is just as important as the right images. Entice your readers with a strong subject header line. As soon as they open your email – get to the point, what is the offer? Make your email short and punchy, nobody will read waffle. 

At Fraser Marketing International we truly believe that Email Marketing is an effective medium to build up your repeat business, by always being “on” and reminding your existing guests what they can expect next time they stay. It is just as important in gaining a new audience and potential guests. It is the ideal platform in which to target your subscribers with relevant and personalised offers that will generate incremental revenue to your business.