Storytelling, an art form for communicating your brand. I have written before about Branding; it is your reason for existing and connects you with your audience. It’s important to make sure you do it well and that it is consistent with your brand tone of voice but more importantly, your brand personality.

All different people can help tell your “Brand story” – Guests, clients, partners and your team, so it is important you have clear messages that these audiences can relate to and use in their own Storytelling. You need to listen, educate, engage and share.

Content is everywhere….there are a number of channels used as story-telling platforms – your website, Linkedin, Infographics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, live feed video, Ebooks, blogs and more….

Which channel suits which message, don’t repeat your message in the same way across channels as the audience will differ.

So let’s take a closer look at some of these channels and explore which options work best:

Social Media – Images and Video

How do you decide to use content and where does it come from, you will need a strategy and an end goal – it’s not a good idea to post images just because. It is advisable to use a Content Planning document – weekly, monthly and annual and think about your key messages, consider key events and which images or footage do you have that is relevant to these. Also consider what your customers are telling you – know your audience as it’s the basis to your story. Who are they? What do they want? What do they do and why and how do they interact with similar brands and services.


Picture book. 84 times more engagement on Insta than Twitter. Who doesn’t like a storybook with pictures.


A great platform for how-to guides, video, live broadcasts, interviews, event showcasing,. This is a great platform to go behind the scenes of your brand. When using Facebook always create content that provides valuable take-aways and education.


This is more for news and updates. What part of your story is instant and how can you engage in a conversation and get that trending?


Best practice. Quick and professional. Tips. Thought Leadership. How to Guide.


Short snappy story geo filters, fun facts, how to, a day in the life of your brand.


Real stories. In the industry of hotels/tourism a great way to gain input is to create a competition around “When staying at X Hotel, this is what we did in 24 hours…” to show the local neighbourhood and community, etc… 

How can your guests and engaged followers go on the Brand story with you? We all know that everyone loves a good story, it is essential to connect with your customers on an emotional level, and Social Media platforms are the best way to achieve that.

There are many platforms out there and these are just a few of my top tips. I like to work with partners in this space, who are true experts, to make sure all content is fully optimised, that we understand the latest algorithms, we know the latest trends and of course to ensure we are using the best #.