The Brief

We were approached by an Apartment Hotel business that needed to reposition itself and create an entirely new brand, a full scope of creative assets and an entire suite of guest journey touchpoints.

The Solution & Deliverables

Create a clear and strong brand that represents its Japanese ownership – Daiwa Living Holdings Pty Ltd, as well as defining and reflecting the core product offering in the Apartment style Hotels.

Nesuto – means Nest in Japanese, this is a nod to the Japanese ownership and representation, as well as the cosy and welcoming feel of a Nest when you check into a Nesuto Apartment.

We created the brand ID, Positioning and Storytelling along with the full suite of assets, and guest touchpoints, end to end.

The Outcome

Design a brand name and ID that will work across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, particularly at a Transliteration level, as we alwaysconsider marketing across borders.

End to end creation and delivery of the Brand style guide, collateral, on-property and guest experience pieces including signage and uniforms, and digital assets.

At Fraser Marketing International we believe Branding begins within, until your team members understand the brand values and begin to deliver on those, you don’t have a brand. We worked at all levels of the business to Brand Train and facilitated brand workshops andTraining modules.

An integrated brand launch plan across multiple channels, both paid and organic reach, PR activities with partner agency PEPR, Content creation across social media platforms and B2B strategic launch communications.